Thursday, November 29, 2012

Train Birthday Party

I feel like I haven't posted anything is ages! Littleheart and I went on a trip to the States to visit family (my fleece jumper post and fleece top with a zip post were written before we left). We started out in Portland Oregon, where we saw my grandfather, aunt and a few cousins. It was great seeing everybody, and Littleheart had a blast! Then we flew to Washington DC to visit my sister and had Thanksgiving with her and some more family. We had so much fun, Littleheart got to wear her turkey jumper (I will post new photos soon) and we ate lots of yummy food of course. 

We also celebrated my nephew's fist birthday, which is what I am going to talk about today :)

A while back my sister decided on a train theme for my nephew's birthday. We started collecting some ideas and I pinned them to my pinterest board. Since we were having a pretty big Thanksgiving dinner the same week, we decided to outsource some decorations and the favors, and concentrated on making the cake and some of the decorations ourselves. My sister found some cute things in Etsy stores, which was perfect, because this way we could support some handmade businesses.

The favors

We found these adorable train cookies at an online store called sugarandflour. They came on time, none of them were broken and they looked exactly like the picture online. I actually forgot to try them, but I am sure they were delicious! Most of our guests were grownups, so this was the perfect little party favor to give them (the kids got crayons and stickers too).

The decorations

My sister found a set of train decorations from Designing for Peanuts. The Train Personalized Birthday Party Pack comes with matching printable invitations, thank you cards, banner, sign, party circles, favor tags and food/drink labels. You receive them per email and print them on your own. I thought they were adorable and definitely worth their price.

The food train

One of my projects was making the food train. The idea came from this post here. I thought this train was super cute and tried to create one for the party. I used small mailing boxes and covered them with colored construction paper. I just used normal glue, but if you want it to be sturdier use modge podge. The wheels are circles cut out of a cardboard box. We used the food labels from the party pack to label the carts.
The locomotive was kind of just a spontaneous creations I made up as I went along...

Everybody loved how it turned out, and it was a great addition to the other decorations!

Somebody is sneaking some chips...

The cake

The cake was mostly my sister's doing. She loves marzipan, so she asked my mom to bring colored marzipan from Switzerland that we could model into little train decorations for the cake. We used this little sandwich cutter to cut out the locomotive and the carts, and placed them around the bottom of the cake. We used kit kat chocolate bars to make the tracks on top, and made a little conductor out of the left-over marzipan. The cake was two layers, chocolate and vanilla, and the frosting was butter-cream frosting. It was delicious!

The birthday party was wonderful, everybody had a great time and the birthday boy loved his cupcake!

Happy Birthday Baby E!