Friday, November 23, 2012

Fleece Doll Clothes

I already told you why I have fallen in love with fleece in this post. Now there are things I sew, where I take my time and make them perfect, but other projects just don't seem worth the effort. Doll clothes are one of those things. Kids like to change the doll's clothes, put on many different outfits, but they really don't care if there is a pretty trim on them, or if the edges are finished off nicely. So why put all that work into it? In this case I think quantity is better than quality (and usually I am totally the opposite!).

That's where fleece comes in. Fleece is so easy to sew with, and you don't have to finish any edges, because it does not fray. So you can make a ton of doll clothes in no time! It is also a bit stretchy, so it easily will go over the doll's head (which is often quite large). 

I made two fleece outfits last week for Littleheart's dolls. Since winter is just around the corner, I figured it might be easier to convince Littleheart (who loves to run around naked) to put on all those heavy clothes, if her dolls do it too.

For the pants I used the doll version from this tutorial from It is a very simple pants pattern, and takes like 10 minutes. instead of putting in a casing with elastic, I just sewed on wide elastic with a stretch stitch.

For the shirt I just kind of drew out a basic bodice and sleeves. Nothing special. I did not finish off the neck or hem, I just left them raw. 

Now dollies will be nice a warm!

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  1. We are kindred spirits as I also am in LOVE with fleece!
    Just found your blog today and I love it!

    1. Oh yay! I saw the cute little bear hats you made of fleece...What adorable children!