Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fleece top with a zip

As you have probably noticed, I like to make every-day clothes. I don't like to make things that are worn only once, I like to see them worn and feel like it was worth all the hard work. 

I got some pretty fleece a couple of months ago. My first project was a coat for Littleheart I made during KCWC. I discovered it is actually really easy to work with fleece, and was excited to go on to my next project.

This time I searched the internet for some inspiration. Mostly I found fleece jackets and coats (which I did not need, since I just made that), but I did stumble across this cute fleece sweatshirt from Old Navy. A simple sweatshirt, but the bottom part is gathered, which makes it very feminine. I looked at it closely, and decided, it is actually really easy to make. I just needed to trace a simple bodice piece, cut two rectangles for the bottom part and of course the sleeves. I left out the collar, since I myself don't love collars.

And this is how I put it together:

What you will need

Simple bodice pattern + sleeves (my pattern is size 3-4 T and you can download it here)
1 yard fleece (probably less)
6.5 inch zip
bias tape or lace 


Cut out one back bodice on the fold, two front bodice pieces (not on fold), 2 sleeves and 2 rectangles 20"/9".


First put in your zipper between the front bodice pieces using this tutorial.

Sew together shoulder seams.

Pin your bias tape/lace to your neckline, starting at the tip of the zipper, and going all the way to the other side of the zipper. Fold your bias tape under at the edges. Now sew on you bias tape/lace carefully. If you have troubles with the bump at the edge, then start after the bump, sew around the whole thing (over the second bump at the end), then come back to the first bump, and sew from the other direction.

Set in sleeves. If you want, you can "decorate" the sleeves with a stitch that looks like a honeycomb (don't know what it is called). Just stitch along the armhole, on top of your seam.

Sew your bias tape/lace to the edge of the wrists or fold over the edges and sew around.

Sew together side seams of sleeves and bodice.

Turn your top right sides out and you have this:

Take your two strips for the bottom part and sew them together on both short ends (right sides together), making a loop.

Now sew two rows around the long side of the loop with your longest stitch and make a gather. 

Pull your loop over your bodice, matching up the raw edges. Make sure your gathers are lying nicely. Pin and sew around.

Flip your strip down and topstitch around, you can use that honeycomb stitch again if you like, or just a regular stitch.

Make your hem. I sewed on my lace on the bottom, but you can also make a normal hem.

And here you go, a snuggly, warm fleece top for the cold winters!

There is a fun series going on at Icandy Handmade called Basic Bodice Design Series. The idea is that you can take a simple bodice pattern and make it into many different clothing pieces. Since this top starts out with a basic bodice piece, I will be linking this project up to their Linky Party.

I will also be linking up to some of the link parties on this page . 


  1. That is adorable, Mira!!! Love the fabric and I love the design.

  2. I love that! I am going to have to start looking for cute things you can replicate for E!

  3. Hi Mira, I've featured your zip top today...

  4. Great idea. Change the fabric and it's could be an outer garment. enJOYed! Found you on Pam's blog.

  5. Wow. It looks amazing. Good job Mira!

  6. So cute!!!! Really good tutorial!!!
    Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά #20 :)
    Have a great week!!

  7. Adorable top and great fabric choice! Thanks for the free pattern, my daughter is in a 4t and this saves me from drafting my own :)

  8. I love it! Please consider linky up to our first ever Pattern Party! Only those with free patterns to share are invited to link. Please check it out!

  9. Thank you so much for your tutorial and the pattern !