Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another knitting project

As I am laying here on bed-rest, I have started to think about Littleheart's winter wardrobe. It is still really hot here, and it will be for probably another four months or so, but once the baby is born, I wont have much extra time, so I might as well use my time now. Littleheart loves dresses, she actually will only wear dresses at the moment. For summer it is great, she has a bunch of lightweight sundresses, and chooses what she wants to wear every day. Who knows if she will still be into dresses in the winter, but it is definitely more challenging to make winter dresses. I found this knitting pattern for a cute dress, and thought it would look really nice over a long sleeve shirt and with some bright colored tights. 

It is a great pattern, very clear and easy to follow, and the best thing is, it is all knit in one piece, so no sewing together! It actually didn't take me that long, maybe two weeks, but I was pretty much knitting all day long.

My mom went out to buy me beautiful cotton yarn in nice colors for the fall/winter. This is what my version looks like:

It might be a bit big on Littleheart, but then she can wear it next year too. I hope she likes it (she is VERY picky about her dresses).

If you are interested in some of the other knitting projects I have pinned, you can visit my pinterest board here.

Have a nice day!