Thursday, November 29, 2012

Train Birthday Party

I feel like I haven't posted anything is ages! Littleheart and I went on a trip to the States to visit family (my fleece jumper post and fleece top with a zip post were written before we left). We started out in Portland Oregon, where we saw my grandfather, aunt and a few cousins. It was great seeing everybody, and Littleheart had a blast! Then we flew to Washington DC to visit my sister and had Thanksgiving with her and some more family. We had so much fun, Littleheart got to wear her turkey jumper (I will post new photos soon) and we ate lots of yummy food of course. 

We also celebrated my nephew's fist birthday, which is what I am going to talk about today :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fleece Doll Clothes

I already told you why I have fallen in love with fleece in this post. Now there are things I sew, where I take my time and make them perfect, but other projects just don't seem worth the effort. Doll clothes are one of those things. Kids like to change the doll's clothes, put on many different outfits, but they really don't care if there is a pretty trim on them, or if the edges are finished off nicely. So why put all that work into it? In this case I think quantity is better than quality (and usually I am totally the opposite!).

That's where fleece comes in. Fleece is so easy to sew with, and you don't have to finish any edges, because it does not fray. So you can make a ton of doll clothes in no time! It is also a bit stretchy, so it easily will go over the doll's head (which is often quite large). 

I made two fleece outfits last week for Littleheart's dolls. Since winter is just around the corner, I figured it might be easier to convince Littleheart (who loves to run around naked) to put on all those heavy clothes, if her dolls do it too.

For the pants I used the doll version from this tutorial from It is a very simple pants pattern, and takes like 10 minutes. instead of putting in a casing with elastic, I just sewed on wide elastic with a stretch stitch.

For the shirt I just kind of drew out a basic bodice and sleeves. Nothing special. I did not finish off the neck or hem, I just left them raw. 

Now dollies will be nice a warm!

I will be linking up to some of the link parties on this page . 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fleece Jumper with a pouch

Today I am going to teach you how to make the second project from my "Fun with Fleece" series. It is a fleece Jumper (or tunic, depending how long you make it. I actually was thinking this year a Jumper, next year a Tunic). It is a really easy, fun little sewing project you can sew up in an evening...Let's get right to the point!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing Challenge

Remember way back when I entered the Fab Folds Challenge at Richochet and away?  
Anyway, the voting went on for a whole month, and guess what...I won third place!

So the winners get a shiny badge and bragging rights, so here is mine:
Pretty exciting, right?
Go over to Ricochet and Away and check out the other winners. The projects are just amazing!
Also, there is a new challenge going on right now called:
Ring your Neck scarf challenge. There is still time to enter the challenge so go check it out!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fleece top with a zip

As you have probably noticed, I like to make every-day clothes. I don't like to make things that are worn only once, I like to see them worn and feel like it was worth all the hard work. 

I got some pretty fleece a couple of months ago. My first project was a coat for Littleheart I made during KCWC. I discovered it is actually really easy to work with fleece, and was excited to go on to my next project.

This time I searched the internet for some inspiration. Mostly I found fleece jackets and coats (which I did not need, since I just made that), but I did stumble across this cute fleece sweatshirt from Old Navy. A simple sweatshirt, but the bottom part is gathered, which makes it very feminine. I looked at it closely, and decided, it is actually really easy to make. I just needed to trace a simple bodice piece, cut two rectangles for the bottom part and of course the sleeves. I left out the collar, since I myself don't love collars.

And this is how I put it together:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fun with fleece

I don't have much experience with fleece, but boy have I discovered it's advantages in the past few days! Fleece is really easy to work with, it does not fray, does not slip, and is a bit stretchy, but the stretch does not influence the sewing. I mean, it can't get easier than that!

I have been having fun with fleece, and would like to share a few projects I made. Over the next 2 weeks I will post about three fleece projects I have been working on:

The Top and the Jumper will include a free pattern size 3-4T and a detailed tutorial on how to make them.

Come back soon and check them out!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Knit Jumper

After all the sewing I did for Littleheart for KCWC, i decided to make some things for myself. I need some everyday, fall/winter clothes, and decided to tackle some of my new knit fabric. When I ordered this purple and black stripe fabric (btw - purple is my FAVORITE color!), I already kind of thought I would make a dress or tunic, but I didn't really have a pattern in mind. Then Jen and Autie over at Icandy Handmade started a series called "Basic Bodice Design Series" which is all about making your own dress design starting with a simple bodice. This got me thinking about my striped purple fabric, and I said, hey, why not try it on myself? I have made tons of clothes for Littleheart starting out with a simple bodice pattern and designing the rest myself, but it seems harder to do it on my own clothes. But this is how I made my jumper, and I am pretty happy with the outcome!

For this jumper I used the Collette free pattern called the Sorbetto top. It is a simple, standard bodice that can be used as a base for many different garments. It comes in sizes 0 - 18 , which is so nice. The Sorbetto top has a pleat in the front, which I did not need for my project, so just cut off that extra strip from your pattern before you cut your material.