Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC - Last project

Elsie Marley's Kids clothes week fall 2012 is now over. I took on this challenge, and actually was almost able to sew at least one hour, every day, for 7 days (it was harder on the weekend). I must say, it is not easy! I usually sew whenever I have a chance, some weeks I sew almost every day, and other weeks I hardly sew at all. So trying to sew for an hour every single day was definitely a challenge. I think, even though I have some great outcomes from this week, I like it my normal way better. It is hard to sew "under pressure" (well, nobody was really pressuring me, but you know what I mean). For me, sewing is kind of an impulse, I have an idea, and I just have to try it out. It is usually not planned, at least the start of a project. But I did have fun taking on this challenge, and I have six finished garments from it!

In case you missed them, here is a summary of the projects I finished during KCWC fall 2012:

Oh, and the striped shrug - It is part of an outfit I am working on. I will have a tutorial for the shirt for you soon. The shrug was made using this tutorial, but I didn't take a t-shirt, I drafted the parts for the shirt from scratch.


  1. Cute, little shrug! You've achieved a lot this week, Mira. I'm with you; sewing to a schedule doesn't suit my style. I prefer to do it when an idea strikes.. lots some weeks, not so much other weeks. I did make 6 out of 7 days, though.

  2. Yes, "want to" versus "have to"" -- I totally understand!