Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pop-up Greeting Card

The Jewish new year is tonight, and we were asked at Littleheart's day care to write her a new years card. They put up a little mail box and all the parents dropped their cards in. Then before the holiday they opened all the cards and read them to the kids.

Yet another opportunity to get crafty! 

It was clear I would make the card myself, and I started to think - what would a two year old like. How about a pop-up card? I searched the web a bit and came across this template. Carol from "Extreme Cards and Papercrafting" made a really cute pop-up card with a tower of cupcakes. She gives a free PDF base template which is just what I needed. 

Then I thought about the symbols I would like to have on the card. Obviously cupcakes have nothing to do with the new year, so I brainstormed the different symbols that do, and came up with the most child-friendly one - Apples and Honey!  This combination stems from a tradition of eating sweet foods to express the hope for a sweet new year.

I decided to make a tower of apples with a pot of honey on the top. I added the little bee that makes the honey. I made the apples with different green and red designed scrapbook paper. I love how it turned out!

Head over to Extreme Cards and Papercrafting and you can make one too!

Happy New Year!


  1. A brilliant idea. Love this although I havent any little ones to make it for. I like the bright colours and the concept. Thank you for the weather news, I will have to make the best of todays weather then. Have a good day.. Why dont choose the best Pop-Up Card for you. Get it on I bought too many wedding pop up cards last year.