Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kodak Moments...The Red Sea

It was my Birthday last Friday so we decided to take a little trip to the Red Sea. It is about a 4 hour drive, and I must say Littleheart did amazingly well both directions.

It was a wonderful little trip, and we got a lot done in four days...

We saw some camels,

and some fish...

We swam in the Red Sea,
and in the pool...
We walked on the boardwalk, ate ice-cream and drank slushies.
We enjoyed the beautiful view,
and entertained the hotel guests...

It was a great birthday thanks to my husband and daughter!

And here are some details about the clothes:

1. The red top: This pattern is the Snappy Toddler Dress from Prudent Baby.
2. The brown and blue dress (that I am wearing visiting the fish): This is the Urban Outfitters Ecote Dress Knockoff pattern from IcandyHomemade.
3. The hat: This is a pattern from Aesthetic Nest. I made a girl's version and embellished it with a flower.
3. The white dress (view picture): This is the Playdate dress from Craftiness is not optional.
4. The green dress: This is my own creation I call the Loopy Flower Shirred Sundress.
5. The black and white dress: This is a regular three tiered dress. I used three different black and white materials to make it interesting.

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