Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cosmetics Storage Baskets

Our "new" apartment (we have been here a year - wow the time flies!) is a work in progress. Over the past year I have made a few decorations to make it feel more homely. For example these drapes for the kitchen window, with matching pillows for the couch.

I also made the sofa cover, to cover up our old, bright blue sofa.

I have been trying to decide how to maximize my storage space in the master bathroom. Somehow there is no place for me to put my makeup, so I end up using the same one eye shadow every single day. I bought this cute shelf at Ikea, and thought I could make a few hanging storage baskets to hang on the hooks, and store my makeup there.

After looking around for a tutorial to start out with I came across the fabric basket tutorial from Threading My Way. This is exactly what I needed.

I made the baskets the way Pam explains, only I used an old towel, so the baskets would look like they belong in the bathroom (note: Wouldn't suggest it. I broke three needles!). Then I made handles out of the lining material.
And voilà! New storage baskets for my makeup.

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  1. Your baskets made from towels look fabulous and just right for a bathroom, even if three needles broke in the process. Great idea to hang them from hooks keeping everything at your fingertips and taking up no extra space.