Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Car Seat Strap Covers

It has been a long time again. I am now 35 weeks pregnant, and am allowed to get up more. In two weeks I get the stitches taken out, and then pretty soon baby girl will be on her way...
I can't sit for long at a time, but I can sew a little bit, so I have been working on smaller projects that don't take too long. 

We are starting to get everything ready, and I noticed that the baby car seat was missing the strap covers. I searched around a bit and found this tutorial, which I used as a base for my covers. I pretty much followed her instructions, but left out the bias tape.

It is a really fast project, and the outcome is super cute. This is how I made mine...

What you will need:

Scraps of cotton fabric (if you want two different fabrics)
Scraps of batting

1. Cut out 4 squares, around 5-5.5" (I did two of each fabric). Cut out two pieces of batting same size.

2. Place first fabric piece on batting, and then second fabric piece on top of first fabric piece, right sides together, so starting from bottom: batting, fabric 1, fabric 2. Pin and sew around, leaving an opening on one side (best not the corner) to turn right side out.

3. Trim corners and turn right side out. The batting should now be sandwiched between the two fabrics. Press flat.

4. Now measure three equal spaces from one side to the next and mark with pins.

5.Sew straight lines down so that your square is divided into three parts.
6. Now top stitch around the entire square. Make sure you fold under the little part you left open to turn.

7. Cut your Velcro to the length of the square. Sew one strip to the left part and one to the right. Make sure that one is on the inside of the strip and one on the outside, so that you will be able to fold the square and attach the Velcro.

8. Attach the covers to your straps and you are done! 

I also made the little cover for the buckle to match the straps.


  1. Cute! Glad you are able to get up a little more. It helps to be able to sew some to pass the time.

  2. Nice idea. I'll be making these for our car seats. Right now I am really enjoying sewing.