Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC - Day one

Ok, so this week my challenge is to sew kids clothing one hour a day, each day for 7 days. I started a little early, and here is my first outcome. I made a fleece coat for Littleheart. It is my first time really sewing with fleece, and it went really well. I used an adorable pattern from Ottobre Magazine 4/2012 called "Teddy Bear" and it was actually really easy! I sewed along step by step (usually I improvise a bit, but this time I thought I better stick to the instructions) and even learned some new techniques! I love love love the outcome! The pockets are great, Littleheart is just learning the wonders of pockets, and she was really excited about them.

At first I was going to line the whole thing, but then decided not to, since it doesn't get that cold around here. The hood is lined though.

I ordered the fleece from Joann's fabrics and my mom brought it when she came to visit for Littleheart's birthday (the fabric traveled from America to Switzerland to Israel!). I ordered a whole bunch of new fabric that day, so I am really eager to make more stuff. The green is actually some old fabric I had in my stash, but it matches perfectly!

Littleheart tried it on for me (poor thing, it was like 30 degrees celcius!) so I got a few pictures. It is still missing the snaps, because I ran out and had to order more...Will put those on when I get them.

Ok, I better go get my hour of sewing in...Here is a sneak peak to my next project...

Bye for now!


  1. Great fabric choices - the colors are perfect! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

  2. Nice fit. Looks like it will work now and give her room to grow!

  3. Beautiful and quite unique fabric
    I LOVE the result
    BTW - your "model" is adorable :)

  4. What a lucky young lady. I'd love a coat just like this and I am old enough to have three daughters of my own. Very clever indeed. x

    1. Yeah, I like it too. And I would have enough fabric to make myself one, but that would be a little tacky...wouldn't it?

  5. Cute coat! Your adorable daughter looks very happy in it (and who wouldn't!)