Monday, October 21, 2013

I am being featured on "Cut out + Keep"

Just a quick hello to say some of my projects are being featured on Cut out + Keep this week. Come take a look!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Design your own sheets!

My little girl is into all the little girl characters like Dora, Hello Kitty, Princesses, Winnie the Poo, etc. One day, she wants a princess bed, the next day a Dora bed. It is hard to keep up.

I went to the store to see what sheets they had, but obviously it is either princess or Dora, so I decided it was time to get crafty.

I purchased a plain set of light pink sheets, and using fabric markers drew all of her favorite characters on it (leaving some more room, just in case we start liking a new character). The sheets are a big success (I have to wash and dry them while she is at daycare, because I am not allowed to take them off of her bed!).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Car Seat Strap Covers

It has been a long time again. I am now 35 weeks pregnant, and am allowed to get up more. In two weeks I get the stitches taken out, and then pretty soon baby girl will be on her way...
I can't sit for long at a time, but I can sew a little bit, so I have been working on smaller projects that don't take too long. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another knitting project

As I am laying here on bed-rest, I have started to think about Littleheart's winter wardrobe. It is still really hot here, and it will be for probably another four months or so, but once the baby is born, I wont have much extra time, so I might as well use my time now. Littleheart loves dresses, she actually will only wear dresses at the moment. For summer it is great, she has a bunch of lightweight sundresses, and chooses what she wants to wear every day. Who knows if she will still be into dresses in the winter, but it is definitely more challenging to make winter dresses. I found this knitting pattern for a cute dress, and thought it would look really nice over a long sleeve shirt and with some bright colored tights. 

It is a great pattern, very clear and easy to follow, and the best thing is, it is all knit in one piece, so no sewing together! It actually didn't take me that long, maybe two weeks, but I was pretty much knitting all day long.

My mom went out to buy me beautiful cotton yarn in nice colors for the fall/winter. This is what my version looks like:

It might be a bit big on Littleheart, but then she can wear it next year too. I hope she likes it (she is VERY picky about her dresses).

If you are interested in some of the other knitting projects I have pinned, you can visit my pinterest board here.

Have a nice day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby blankets and bedrest

You have probably been wondering where I went and why I haven't been posting sewing tutorials. Well, the truth is I am almost 29 weeks pregnant and have been on bed-rest since 23 weeks, two of which were in the hospital. All this due to a weak cervix that needed to be stitched up with a cerclage. So far the procedure has held nicely, but you just can't know, and that is why I am on bed-rest pretty much til the end. I must say, it is not easy.  I mean, the two weeks in the hospital were pretty awful (although thanks to my amazing husband and family, it was much easier than it could have been). But being home, and staring at all of my beautiful new fabric, and not being able to sew - well, torture! My mom is spending the summer with us, which is just amazing, she has completely taken over the whole household, and she and my husband take care of littleheart. 

Anyway, I won't complain. Fist of all, things could be much worse, and second of all, it is a limited time and for a good cause.

Being me though, I couldn't go completely without being crafty, so I did think of a few projects I could do laying down.

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

We don't celebrate the 4th of July here, but my nephew in the States does, so I made him this little holiday outfit for the occasion. I just took a simple T-shirt and soft knit pants pattern, and added a pocket in the front of the shirt, and two pockets in the back of the pants. I used a blue and white stripe knit as my main fabric, made all the edges red and used a fun blue and white stars knit fabric for the pockets. It is a little hard to get pictures of my nephew these days, but I think you see the outfit on these.

I hope you all had a Happy 4th of July! Stay well.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stuffed animal storage floor cushion

Do your kids have tons of stuffed animals and you don't know what to do with them? Well, mine does, and she is not even three yet! She actually never really plays with them (yet?) and they are just laying around all over the place. I was searching the internet for some storage ideas, and came across this fun idea here - A big pillow that you can store all the stuffed animals in, but also use as a sitting pillow. How fun!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ruffle Flap Top

A few months ago I saw a girl on the playground wearing a shirt similar to this one. I thought the idea of the ruffly sides was really cute. Unfortunately, since I did not know the child I could not just walk up to her and take a closer look, or even take a picture, so I made this from my memory. I actually really don't remember what the shirt looked like, but I think this one turned out kind of cute :)

Anyway, it is really easy to make, you just need to alter a normal shirt pattern a bit. I will briefly talk you through it, but I don't have to explain much, if you know how to make a regular t-shirt...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soft baby hats for premies

My dear cousins just had a baby girl, 2 months early. Thankfully she is doing well, but she is pretty tiny. I remember when my nephew was born early, my sister was saying that all the hats were way too big, so I decided to make a couple of hats for my baby cousin.

These are really easy, most important you use very soft fabric. You want to line the hat, so no seams are touching the baby’s head directly. If you are making these for a newborn preemie, remember to wash your fabric with special baby detergent, before you make the hats.

I have included my pattern here. I was inspired by this wonderful tutorial for baby hats. I made the pattern smaller for preemies and sewed it up a bit different to have the whole thing lined…

I hope you can help some little tiny premies with some of these cute, soft hats!