Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby blankets and bedrest

You have probably been wondering where I went and why I haven't been posting sewing tutorials. Well, the truth is I am almost 29 weeks pregnant and have been on bed-rest since 23 weeks, two of which were in the hospital. All this due to a weak cervix that needed to be stitched up with a cerclage. So far the procedure has held nicely, but you just can't know, and that is why I am on bed-rest pretty much til the end. I must say, it is not easy.  I mean, the two weeks in the hospital were pretty awful (although thanks to my amazing husband and family, it was much easier than it could have been). But being home, and staring at all of my beautiful new fabric, and not being able to sew - well, torture! My mom is spending the summer with us, which is just amazing, she has completely taken over the whole household, and she and my husband take care of littleheart. 

Anyway, I won't complain. Fist of all, things could be much worse, and second of all, it is a limited time and for a good cause.

Being me though, I couldn't go completely without being crafty, so I did think of a few projects I could do laying down.

First of all I went back to knitting. Haven't done it in years, but have found it to be very therapeutic and comforting, and it helps pass the time.

A while back I told you about my little cousin who was born a preemie, and I made her the special preemie hats. Well, she is doing great, and got to go home while I was in the hospital, so I decided to knit her a baby blanket first. 

I used this simple pattern, I wanted something very repetitive, something where I needed to count the stitches and stay focused. And it was very helpful during my hospital stay. And this is the outcome:

The second blanket I made is for a dear friend who just had a baby girl (I haven't actually given her the blanket yet, so I hope she doesn't see this post). The pattern is from here, and it was fairly easy to follow, nothing complicated, just knits and pearls. This is my version:
I have a couple more knitting projects and another project I will be sharing with you, but if you have any ideas for fun crafty project I can do laying down (or half laying) that would be very helpful - I am running out of ideas!

Anyway, have a great weekend!


  1. Prayers for you and family and future one. It is tough to look and not touch. Just think of the plans you are making and the designs in a book for future use.

  2. Oh, sweetheart...I am pitting you and ours on my prayer list! You are correct the bed rest is for a tremendously good cause! The reward at the end is wonderful! Keep a notebook handy and jot down your ideas! My best to you and yours!!

  3. Baby-to-be sure will be lucky to have such a wonderful family to be part of! Keep taking care of yourself (and baby).


  4. So sorry to hear that you have to deal with the bed rest. The same thing happened to a friend of mine and everything turned out perfectly. She had a very small but very healthy baby girl nearly a year ago. She was almost 5 pounds and was able to go home from the hospital two days after the birth.

    As for crafty ideas, how about hand embroidery? Maybe you can learn how to smock by hand? Good luck! If I think of anything else that you can do laying down, I'll post them here.