Friday, May 3, 2013

Crossover Ruffle Sundress

Well, it has definitely been a while, lots has been going on, and I just needed to take a little time-out from writing tutorials (not sewing). But I did get a lot done over the last month, and the weather is finally warm (even hot!), so we are getting a lot of use out of what I have made. 

Littleheart is definitely in a dress/skirt ONLY phase (which means all of he pretty shorts are just put away in the closet). I try to keep up with her phases, not easy, since they change so fast. But I have made her a few new sundresses (luckily some of the ones from last year still fit) and have a few ideas for some more.

Anyway, this crossover ruffle sundress was inspired by a dress I saw online (I really don't remember where). Want to make one? Read on!

What you need
1 yard of knit fabric
scraps of contrasting knit fabirc

Crossover bodice pattern. Use this tutorial to draft your own.

Cut 2 crossover bodice pieces (make sure you have one with the point to the left and one with the point to the right), one back bodice on the fold, two rectangles, 16" by 21" inches for size 3-4T, or about twice the width of your bodice and as long as you want the dress to be.
Cut a long strip of your contrasting fabric, about 4" wide and as long as you can.
Cut another strip of your contrasting fabric, as long as you can and 2" wide.

Cut two rectangles, 2" by 12".

1. Make your ruffle. Fold your long strip in half on the long side and ruffle it (mine didn't ruffle enough, do a better job!)
2. Sew your shoulder seams together.

3. Pin your ruffle to your entire neckline, starting at the point of the left bodice and pinning all around the back to the right bodice piece. Stop at about 5.5" before the end (see picture).
4. Sew the ruffle on.
See the part that is without ruffle?

5. Now sew your side seams, make sure you sew together all three pieces! Also make sure the side with the short ruffle is under the side with the long ruffle. (See picture).

6. Pin and sew the thin strip around the entire neckline (even the bit without the ruffle), like you would bias tape. First sew it right sides together, about 1/8" from the edge. Now flip it over the edge and sew it just like bias tape.

7. Take your two short strips and sew them together at the short ends, forming a loop. Pin and sew them to the armholes, folding them on the long side.
8. Take your skirt pieces and sew the side seams.

9. Ruffle the top of the skirt enough so that the width matches the width of the bodice. 

10. Sew the skirt to the bodice, using a stretch stitch or a serger.

11. Hem your skirt. I did a lettuce hem using this tutorial

As you see in my picture, my ruffle isn't very ruffly. Next time I would definitely ruffle it much more! Maybe I will make another one and do just that!


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    Happy sewing!

  2. It is an adorable little dress. I love the lettuce edge.

  3. That's okay, we all need a breather sometimes! I still love your posts when they come. The dress is inspiring!x

  4. The grey and the pink work SO well together, Mira. I love the lettuce edge hem and the crossover style.

  5. Cute dress! I love pink and gray together!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  6. Beautiful dress, love the ruffles :D

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  8. Featured on FB! Thanks for linking up :)

  9. Very sweet, and your tutorial makes it look simple. Thank you for taking the time to put this post together; it is inspirational. Lynaea @