Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Simple fleece skirt with elastic waist

Ok, first of all - Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday season and as we say in Swiss German "E guete Rutsch" (a good slide) into the new year!

The past two months have been a little slow on my blog. I did get some sewing done, but mostly presents, which I cannot reveal until they are given to the people, so we will just have to wait a bit.

Remember how I told you here that I love to sew with fleece? Well, I made myself a skirt out of the left over fabric from Littleheart's fleece coat 
This is a cute and easy skirt I can wear with leggings and boots. It was so fun and fast to make, I whipped up two more for my sister and cousin!

I used one of my skirts as a guidance to make the pattern. I am a size medium, so if you are too, you are welcome to my pattern. Just download it here. There is only one piece, same for front and back, cut on fold. If you need a different size, take an A-line skirt that fits you well and trace it...

So here is goes - I swear super easy!

Cut out two of your pattern pieces on the fold.
Cut a piece of thick elastic to fit your waist. You want the elastic to be a bit shorter than the top of your skirt piece times 2, but not much shorter, because you do not want the fleece to ruffle too much, it would be too thick.

1. Pin and sew side seams. Topstitch down side seams.
2. Sew on the elastic using this tutorial from Dana's circle skirt.
3. Hem your bottom

You are done! See how easy?
Make them in all different colors!

See you next time!

P.s. See my kumquat tree behind me? Does anybody have a good recipe for kumquats? I have NO idea what to do with them!

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  1. Very cute way to add an extra layer of warmth.
    Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com

  2. Cute skirt. I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop and would love to have you share this and any other posts with everyone. It runs from Wednesday through midnight Sunday. Here is the link to the party.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  3. Cute way to use up that leftover fleece. I have some left from Halloween I need to use. Now I just need the boots.

    1. Halloween fleece would be cute, funky! And by the way, I love my boots, they are so warm. For sure worth getting....

  4. hi there - i like your skirt, at the next weekend i will make 3 or 4 for me, seems to be easy and very cool:-P
    you need a good recipe for kumquats? I have 3: one for cake, one for marmalade and one for a salat. every time i made one of this, i have to hurry to get a bit of it, because everyone i know seems to smell it and storm my kitchen. if you want the recipes, write me an email!

  5. Nice skirt my five year old wants one , will be making a few next week.

    1. Did you make some? Be sure to send me a picture if you do!

  6. So cute, and so easy to make, I need to make one for my daughter.

  7. I never thought to use fleece for a skirt. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I like your skirt. I'm making a top and matching skirt.
    The fleece I'm using is leopard pattern on a cream back ground. I make skirts with no pattern often. They're easy to make.
    This is the first time I've seen your blog.
    Happy sewing.