Sunday, July 29, 2012

My first Post

Hi and welcome to my first post!

After intensively reading all of your wonderful sewing and crafts blogs for about a year, I figured I might give it a go.

I love anything creative - beading, painting, knitting, crocheting...but my newest passion is sewing. I learned basic sewing skills in middle school (handcraft is a mandatory class in Switzerland, where I grew up), but I never really sewed after that. When my daughter was born in the end of 2010 I started having the urge to create things for her. I hand sewed her a few toys out of felt and then started surfing the internet for more ideas I could make without a sewing machine. I found some really fun things to make, but realized that I could only go so far without a sewing machine. So last year, for my birthday, my aunt bought me my first sewing machine, and that is when my passion for sewing started. My mom helped me get started with my first project - a sofa cover that would make our old sofa look more elegant in our new apartment, and then I kind of just took off from there.

I went from sewing easy things for the new apartment to clothes for my daughter and now newly clothes for myself. I have just been eating up all of those wonderful tutorials in the sewing blog world (thank you sewing blog ladies!) and am starting to find my own style. I started this blog to have a place to capture everything I make and share it with family and friends, and who knows where it will go from here.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Looking forward to seeing where it takes me.


  1. Congratulations Mira! The blog looks great!
    I am looking forward to following your projects.
    Liah is so cute in the green dress!
    Have fun with the blog!

  2. Mira, congrats for the new blog, it is fabulous!!
    You can always try new skirts designs on me :)