Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cardboard Kitchen

A little while back I realised that Littleheart loved to play with the play kitchen at daycare. Every day when I picked her up from daycare she would be "cooking". The cook would always say: "I cook in the morning and Littleheart cooks in the afternoon".
I started looking around for play kitchens, and realized they are very expensive. And most of them are very chintzy looking. I had saved the big box from Littleheart's highchair thinking I would use it for something, and decided this was my chance.

I searched around the net for some inspiration and found this cardboard kitchen. I pinned it to my pinterest board and then one day finally decided to give it a chance:

I used this for inspiration and came up with this:

It is very simple, but Littleheart loves it, and I realized, you don't always need the most sophisticated toys! 

It is really easy to make, this is what you need:

  1. One Grey plastic bowl
  2. The top to window cleaner (like Ajax) 
  3. Two plastic handsoap dispensers
  4. Five plastic bottle caps 
  5. Four CDs
  6. Pretty paper
  7. Big cardboard box 

Grey, blue and red acrylic paint
Modge Podge
2 sticky hooks

1. Modge Podge your paper to the top and front of your box. You can use the same design on the whole kitchen or use a few different ones like I did.

2. Cut a hole a bit smaller than your bowl on the left top of you box. Place the bowl in. This is your sink.

3. Make two little holes on the left and right of the sink and put in your soap dispensers. You can use some glue to secure them. Paint the top of one red and the other blue (for hot and cold water).

4. Make a hole between the two dispensers and put your Ajax squirting part in, secure with some glue. Paint if you desire.

5. Glue the 4 CDs onto the other side of the box.

6. Glue the bottle caps between the sink and the stove, in a straight line.

7. Cut out the oven and the cupboard with a knife. Put a handle on the oven and doors.

8. Stick on some hooks and you are done!

I bet you will make a little girl (or boy) very happy with this!

I will be linking up to some of the link parties on this page and will be submitting this to the pinterest challenge.


  1. Hi!

    I found you through the blog hop and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. :)

    This idea is brilliant! It is very cute and any little girl or boy would love it!


  2. Amazing! I used to make my dollhouses out of cardboard! I always liked them better than the ones in plastic and all fancy... Your little girl is a very lucky girl! :)

  3. hi! I'm featuring this on a cardboard kitchen round up that I am posting this afternoon. The link will be live in about 5 hours. Come by and grab a featured button if you would like.